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Pirana V2 

This bot has went through many design changes before the 1st piece of metal was cut.  Overall we a re extremely happy with the design and cannot wait this get started on the build. This will be a 2wd NPC74 driven bot powered by a MC160 and 8 4s lipo's. The the 20 ton Hydraulic ram will travel at 1 in per second applying around 3 tons of pressure at the tip. We would like to thank Send Cut Send for all the support on this build.  

Current Progress pics. 

Lil Mamaba 

This started out as a backup chassis for the concept barracuda bot below.  We moved to a more Castle Creations theme since all of our vehicles are (over) powered by our Sponsor Castle Creations. This will be the Primary 30lb bot moving forward.  The Monster Castle 2028 on 6s swinging the 6lb hammer at around 60mph. We are very excited to see this build come together and want to thank our Team and Sponsors for everything. 

Click for current Build progress