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Our promise to Sponsors

Team Pirana appreciates all of its sponsors and will work to maintain ongoing relationships that benefit all parties. 

You have our promise that we will not post or engage in any controversial content on any media platforms.  We will always display your products in a positive light and maintain safe practices. Since we have several diverse media platforms your products will displayed to individuals with may interest.  

Team Piraña is always looking for sponsors or volunteers. We are primarily self funded and enjoy combat robotics as a hobby. We attend and host multiple Insect level computations. Currently we are building a featherweight and heavyweight combat robot that we will be submitting to compete in several national events. We proudly display our sponsors logos' banners and links on our large social media sites, as well as in our shop where we host events. Team Pirana takes great pride in its sponsors and shows appreciation by. 

*Sharing and supporting on all social media post.

*We proudly display your logo decals on robots and team shirts. Please email us for social media links and examples of content.

If you or your business would like to become a sponsor please reach out to us at [email protected]