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Monster Bolts

Monster Bolts is absolutely the best hardware made. Its likely the strongest part on most combat robots. We are extremely honored to have them as a sponsor. They set the bar for quality hardware. 

Send Cut Send

SCS offers material cutting and bending for almost any application. We have been using SCS for over a year and the quality a nd customer service is absolutely amazing. We are very proud to have them as a sponsor.

Castle Creations

Castle Creations has been the industry leader in hobby electronics for well over 20 years. I have used there products since the beginning and swear by them. the quality, performance and service is second to none.  We cannot thank the Team at Castle enough for sponsoring us this year.  

Sain Smart 

From CNC equipment to 3d Printing Sain Smart offers everything to keep you hobbies going. Amazing quality and support and cutting edge technology make Sain Smart the industry leader for hobbyist and professionals alike.  We use these proudest daily for all builds and are very proud to be part of the Sain Smart Family. 

M2 Materials 

All Filaments are not created equal. This Tri Polymer blend is has the perfect balance of flexibility and impact resistant strength.  The strength is second to none. We are very happy to be part of the M2 family.

Stronger yet more flexible. M2 filament is almost double the tensile strength and has slightly higher tensile modulus, when compared to OEM material. These are ideal attributes for 3D printed parts, all while being easy on your wallet.


AWANFI makes Battery for most any application. We have have been extremely success with their Lipos, and are looking forward to maintaining and long term relationship with this company. 

Fingertech Robotics 

Fingertech Robotics is your one stop location for Robot Kits, parts and Accessories.  Fingertech is very active in the robot community and we are lucky to have them as a partner.